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Bonaparte Overruns Piedmont


Bonaparte's First Offensive, April 1796

With his commission order fresh from Paris, Bonaparte established his HQ at Nice and took command of a front-line force of 35,168 men of the Army of Italy, ordering them across the mountains and heading for a fight at Montenotte. After Beaulieu's 26,697 men of the Army of Italy escaped from harm's way and sprinted for Acqui, the Piedmontese Army became Bonaparte's next target. 

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Napoleon's Wheel
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Napoleon's Wheel

Napoleon's Wheel

1805: Danube Campaign I

Scenarios depicted:

  • Ulm — Napoleon's Wheel, 9-15 Oct.
  • Dürenstein — Kutuzov's Trap, 11 Nov.
  • Schöngrabern — Bagration's Rearguard, 16 Nov.
  • Austerlitz — The Battle of Pratzen and Sokolnitz, 1-2 Dec.

Napoleon's Wheel is the next games from OSG's The Library of Napoleonic Battles series. Details on the series are below, as all the games share a common rules set and game system.

Napoleon's Wheel will be the last TLNB entry to include cards.

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