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Crimea covers the series of campaigns in the Crimean Peninsula during the war on the Eastern Front. Several scenarios cover the period of Axis ascendancy during the period September 1941 – July 1942. The Soviet resurgence is represented by scenarios from September 1943 – May


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C3i nr37
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C3i nr37

C3i Nr 37 features Dan Fournie's long awaited "Baetis Campaign, 211 BC" a new installment in the C3i Series. This includes a 22"x34" map with 48 counters, Player Aid and rulebook with designer's notes.

Articles on board games Empire of the Sun, Battle of Castulo (GBoH), Red Flags Over Paris and more!

Inserts for the C3i exclusive variant of Red Flags Over Paris, Baetis Campaign, Spanish Road

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The Skirmisher 4

La revista Skirmisher #4 en primera remesa tiene su llegada inminente y se servirá en orden de petición.

Puesto que esta primera remesa ya está agotada, posteriormente se repondrá stock con una nueva remesa y se informará de su disponibilidad.

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Operational Matters Luzon
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Operational Matters Luzon

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Operational Matters Volume 2 w/Luzon is a 40 page magazine focused on players new to Operational Combat Series games. The eight articles help players learn or even improve on their OCS knowledge. This also includes a set of six double-sided cardstock Reference Cards to help learning and...

Note: The OCS 4.3 Series Rules and OCS 4.3 Charts and Tables are not included with this magazine, they can be dowloaded from the Gamers Archive on our website.

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Twilight of the Reich

Llegada estimada 2ª quincena de febrero

Twilight of the Reich will be released at Winter Offensive 2024 on January 11, 2024 and website orders will begin shipping after Winter Offensive on January 16, 2024.   TWILIGHT OF THE REICH (TotR) takes Advanced Squad Leader players to the final stages of the war in the European...

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Rebel Fury

Rebel Fury

Rebel Fury, Volume I of the Civil War Heritage Series, uses the low-complexity Gettysburg system featured in C3i Magazine #32. The Battles featured are Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Missionary Ridge, Chancellorsville, and Fredericksburg (solitaire). Several of the battles are linkable, covering the entire Chickamauga-Chattanooga campaigns.

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Triomphe à Marengo

Northern Italy, 14 June, 1800: The out-manoeuvred Austrian army attacked the French under Bonaparte, took them by surprise and defeated them quickly in the morning fight. Thinking that the battle was over, they pursued the retreating French. However, when General Desaix arrived with reinforcements in the late afternoon, the French started a defiant counterattack and turned the Battle of Marengo into a glorious triumph.

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