Napoleon's End
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Napoleon's End

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Napoleon's End presents four battles on the Seine, February-March 1814.


The first of the four battles occurred on the 17th and 18th of February: Mormant took place 3 days after the Battle of Vauchamps, covered in "La Patrie en Danger." The last two battles were fought in late-March: Arcis followed 8 days after Reims, from "Napoleon Retreats." With all three games you can contemplate a 12-battle Grand Campaign.

Here you have a series-first, a 40" map (which extends La Patrie East map with the potential for a 9' long map). The Mormant and Montereau maps combine to make one 44 x 34" map. The Arcis map is square-on with Arcis dead center and the Aube dividing the map in half. All four quadrants have troops moving through. Arcis was perhaps the Emperor's worst-planned mistake.

—description from the publisher

Napoleon’s End contains:

• Four maps. Three of the maps are 22" by 34" while the fourth is 22" by 40".

• 560 die-cut units

• 15 player aid cards

• Two rulebooks

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